Monday, June 14, 2010

Returned to Malaysia

Have now returned to Malaysia. Flew in on Saturday and arrived at the house at about 5:00pm. We went out for steamboat last night at a Halal restaurant. The service was incredible even though the restaurant was full.

Am having quite a lazy day today and will be looking at my camera to see how to fix the photos which are upside down. It all happened when I was rotating quite a few photos at the same time and the camera battery ran out. Will have to hope for the best.

China was interesting and the culture is quite involved. Like you can spit anywhere, even in some restaurants they have a spitting bowl at the table, but it is a great insult to blow your nose at the table, even quietly.

The best day I had in China was going to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. I did not go into the Pagoda, firstly because I had seen enough Temples and Pagodas by this time and secondly I was on my own and could not find the entry. I had a wonderful time walking round the grounds and then discovered two gardens nearby. There were not many people in the parks and it was so peaceful.

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