Thursday, June 3, 2010

China 3 June 2010

Ventured out on my own today. Took a taxi to somewhere I can not pronounce. Taxis are very cheap here. The ride took about 20 minutes and it was only 16 Yuen (about $2.30 Aussie)

I went to a section they call Walking Street and there is only traffic on the cross streets so I still had to be a little careful. There is really large Isetan department store at one end and about 10 blocks down, turn to the left and another 12 blocks on is a huge Walmart and all the way the streets are lined with shops of every conceivable kind. When I was nearly at Walmart I realised there was a small people mover.

I caught the people mover back and it was only 2 yuen (about 30 cents Aussie.) The drivers of these vehicles give way to NOTHING. It was more scary than being on a bus or in a taxi.

I am preparing the evening meal tonight and I am making my famous Rice Noodle Salad. Hope they like it.

The police stand under a large umbrella at major cross streets. I am not sure that they are directing the traffic and there does not seem to be much control from them either. I think they are only there to be on hand in case of an accident.

Saw an ambulance trying to get through traffic and no one would give way to it!

On the trip home the taxi came out of a lane way in front of a bus and the bus was so close I could see the whites of the eyes of the driver. I am not counting the near accidents I think I am in because I try not to look.

There is no handicap parking here but that does not matter as everyone parks wherever they want anyway.

This all sounds so negative doesn't it? It is not really so bad. I am giving the phrasebook a good going over and my charades are getting better. I have heard laughter as I walk away but I like to think it is because they believe they were so good at helping me (Yeah right!).

I went into a cake shop and bought a pastry. It was like a Danish pastry and had cheese, bacon, corn kernels AND ICING. It really was delicious so I bought some for dessert tonight. If Andrew and Mandy do not like it I will scoff the lot. I was in Isetan grocery section wanting to buy fish sauce. I finished up with 5 people who could not speak English and me who can say "hello" and "thank you" in Chinese trying to work out if they had it or not.

They have the most beautiful fans here. Just the really cheap ones (under a dollar Aussie) are so pretty. I bought two really good ones when we were in Beijing at a Chinese Craft store.

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