Monday, June 21, 2010


Have been back in Malaysia a week and done not much else but eat and drink. Have been out to so many restaurants have lost track of it all.

Now want to mention what may be to some an indelicate subject. In Malaysia they have the most wonderful bidet system.

Picture of the bidet in the en-suite of the room I am staying in in Malaysia. It is cold water but, in this hot climate, I find it pleasantly cool and refreshing.

All public toilets in Malaysia have a bidet of some sort, similar to this, but not always as modern. As I have said previously I do not use the public toilets unless it is an emergency and then I could not imagine an emergency which would make me use the public bidets BUT I was out last Friday, all day drinking water, and just had to visit the loo.

Found a nice clean one and, and as I always say, went to the one at the end of the row because that is usually the least used and cleanest toilet. When I had finished I noticed the bidet but it was only a pipe to the tap and I could not see where the water would come out. I leaned over the bowl (first mistake) and turned the tap on (second mistake) to see where the water would come out. Well it was like a fountain coming out of the pedestal bowl with three bursts of water. One out over the bowl at about 120 degrees to the floor and the other two sort of in the air from right to left. Now had I been sitting like I should have to use the bidet, no problem, but I was standing so, problem.

I was wearing a light cotton blouse that turns see through when wet and a pair of cotton slacks that really hold the water so well. I was soaked from the armpits to the toes and my sandals were so slippery I could not walk in them. I had to take them off and with no where to dry off, I had to walk through the shopping mall (and they are large shopping malls here), dripping wet and leaving a trail of wet footprints behind.

I do not know what it is with me and toilets in Asia but I am learning.

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  1. Oh you poor thing, how embarrassing for you. I can imagine the same thing happening to me! When I lived in HK 25 years ago, the public toilets were just holes in the ground, it was quite a shock for a European!