Sunday, June 6, 2010

China 6 June 2010

Excitement plus!

Have just traveled from Beijing to Xian overnight by train. Was a good trip and I had a really good sleep. I was met at the railway station so no problem. Got booked in, went to my room, had a shower, dressed and came down to the dining room to get some breakfast and that is when the fun began.

A Kenyan guy aged somewhere maybe in the late 30's is trying to get me to accompany him. It was a bit scary at first because I thought he really wanted my body, then I realised I was in more trouble than that because he probably wants my money and then my body! He insisted on sitting at the table while I ate and, as I could not get my head together really quick, he was there all the time I was eating. I lied and said I was married and my husband, who was traveling down from Beijing would arriive tonight, and I had business in Xian. I also borrowed my sister's two children and said I had two boys, one of whom was in Tianjin and would arrive tomorrow (thought there would be strength in numbers). When I said I would not accompany him because I had just met him (trying to be diplomatic) he said it was because he was black and racism happens to him all the time. I then said I did not wish to continue the conversation, thanks for the company so far and goodbye. As I left the dining room I heard him say hello to someone else so I guess I am easy to replace.

I have only been in Xian 4 hours!

This is my bathroom at the hostel. The green sign is in the shower cubicle, is it just me or is there some humour there(?) and disposable slippers are for inside wear. They were also supplied on the train from Beijing.

Anyway off to the Terracotta Warriors tomorrow and another trip on Tuesday then back to Tianjin.

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