Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now into Beading

I have re-kindled my interest in beading and, after years of not doing it this mat is my first effort. It is an interesting (Olaf) design as the design has different looks when placed on different backgrounds.

This is the image on a black background.

Now here it is photographed on a white background

This is a seedbead daisy stitch necklace (Anna Peters design) and I think it is just beautiful. Glass seed beads with silver centre and it really sparkles.

Now this Lariat is 1.25 metres and I am making them as Christmas presents. I have already made six of them but a friend of mine was ill so I gave her one to cheer her up, another friend's husband was in hospital so she received one and I gave one to her daughter. I met a friend and showed him what I was doing so he bought one and the same thing happened with two other acquaintances.

If I keep selling them I will be lucky to have any to give as Christmas presents!


  1. very nice, seems they will keep you busy!!!

  2. Thanks Paula, it is more labour intensive than quilling