Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More quilling

There was a challenge for a piece of
jewellery on the quilling forum and the square rose earrings was my submission.

I made the round rose earrings first but could not photograph it well enough. I used gilt edge green paper for the leaves which support the rose and the rest is black gilt edge paper. They look really good in "real life" but I could just not capture all the detail in a photo.

Shayne asked me to make a card to welcome her niece's new baby. This is the first time I have done "the feet" but it is not too bad.

Shayne also wanted a card for a friend who is to celebrate her 90th birthday.

I still have to work on my photography skills


  1. Your earrings are beautiful, and the cards.
    I ran out of time for the jewellery challenge.

  2. Thank you Bronwyn. I know what you mean about running out of time.