Monday, May 31, 2010

China 31 May 2010

We have been to Tianamen Square, The Summer Palace and two other temple thingos Andrew and Mandy thought I should see. We spent Saturday and Sunday in Beijing and traveled to Tiajin on Sunday night by the fast train. We arrived at home at about 6.00pm.

Andrew did not have to work today and also has tomorrow off. Today we went to the cheaper markets and then we went to the Heritage Markets which I enjoyed so much more although I did pick up some beautiful cross stitch kits at the first market place.

We went to a Roast Duck restaurant on Saturday night in Beijing and I have the certificate of the duck we consumed. It has a registered number and I can go on the net and read its life history!

The tourist parts of Beijing is really kept clean but the other parts are really filthy,

People spit all the time, men and women, and everyone pushes all the time. I was expecting the crowds to be larger, you know wall to wall people, and as it was not as bad as I expected I survived O.K.

Andrew and Mandy's flat is really quite nice. Bigger than I expected and quite clean compared to the outside area. Andrew painted throughout when they moved in.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

China 30 May

I am now in Tianjian. Arrived early Saturday morning and Andrew, Mandy and I spent the night in a youth hostel in Beijing. Have seen Tianamen Square, Forbidden City and about 3 temples.I will not be able to post to my blog while I am in China as the government does not allow access to blogs, facebook etc.